Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm in NYC for just a few hours so that means the pooch was at the doggie daycare center Wagville yesterday. Seven does not get the chance to socialize alot with other dogs so he really likes these visits. And the place has webcams so that owners don't have to be totally separated from their loved ones.

Stormy Weather

Another bout of rain is hitting LA. But every now and again the sun shines through to dramatic effect.


My new fave store in Glendale CA is Mario's. It's an italian deli/grocery store which also sells some Argentine faves. Everything authentic. They create some monster heart stopping subs. The other day, I stopped by to get some pesto and a "BigBoy" sub. Near the counter were these hot hot hot peppers and the antidote. Wise product placement, eh?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

T Mobile

The T Mobile commercial we did last year has been playing non stop. It was raining when we got @ the location. Such a dreay morn but movie magic makes it look like a sunny afternoon.
Here is the youtube link.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Dog

A few shots of seven through the screen door. In focus and out.......
I pulled an old beanbag chair out of the back house and he was in heaven..... lounging in the sun.

Ted Demme

Last weekend was the anniversary of Ted Demme's death. We met him on a great movie back in 2000 called "Blow". Undoubtably the most fun I"ve ever had on a picture.
There is a dinner every year for the crew who admired and loved him. And there's the tequila. Ted loved it and while we were filming in Mexico, everyone loved it too.
That's him and I in the second photo enjoying a coco-loco on the beach of Acapulco, waiting for some dolly track to be laid.
There's too many stories to remember but here are a few pictures including the stars Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Footballers Wives

I've had some time on my hands lately and decided to catch a few shows I've been meaning to view. One of them is BBC America's Footballer's Wives. The show details the lives and loves of a fictional soccer team in England. It ran for five seasons in the UK and is now available here in the states.
Constant plot turns and over the top writing ensures that there is enough sex, treachery and leather dresses to keep even the most jaded soap opera fan riveted. The fifth season even has Dynasty alumni Joan Collins. The first three seasons are available from Netflix.
They made a US version about American football starring Lucy Lawless but the NFL pressured ABC to kill the series, thinking it would show the game in a bad light. What prudes......

Friday, January 11, 2008

Solitaire Dog

It's almost been four weeks since I've been looking after the dog. We've fallen into a routine of late. The weather has been very cold in the morning(for the west coast). So after we do our long walk in the morning, I try to wait until the sun is out and on the driveway before I leave to do errands. This morning while waiting, Seven wanted some extra loving and imposed himself on my game of computer solitaire. Pretty cute.
We took him to the holistic vet last tuesday who prescribed some herbs and an holistic anti-inflammatory. He seems to be doing great but the proof will be in the pudding come March when his next bout of seizures should happen.

Earl Grey Sorbet

We recently got an ice cream maker. Yum. Our first concoction was real vanilla. Those vanilla beans are expensive. But my favorite has been the Earl Grey Sorbet. Super easy.... just enough tea bags to give yourself a heart attack and some lemon juice.
Love it!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Seven 2008

We took Seven down to Long Beach for a romp in the sand yesterday. Since his last seizures, he has not been afraid of water and he followed me right up to his chest. He's found some new friends as well. When he travels, he prefers to sit in the well behind my seat. He's not a stick your head out the window at all. So we put a towel in the center and he lies there just being glad he's part of the pack I suppose.
We take him off to a holistic vet next week to see if there is anything new to add to our knowledge of his cluster seizures.