Friday, April 27, 2007

La Recoleta Cemetery

Our hotel in Buenos aires is located in the Recoleta area of the city. The section dominates the city's high end shopping with most international luxery brands present and my hometown fave La Martina. There's also many museums and parks nearby. But perhaps the most famous (and most expensive) real estate in La Recoleta is it's cemetery. Entirely made up of mausoleums, the cemetery resembles a small town with many paths and roads leading a visitor through an art history of Argentina. Art nouveau, Egyptian Revival, Deco, Modernism, Fascistic and Contemporary designs live next to one another. Some of the plots are in disrepair, broken glass and broken coffins give an eerie effect. A band of feral cats prowl the graveyard. The rich and powerful are buried here. From polo club presidents to national presidents to Eva Peron. Fascinating stuff.
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  • Thursday, April 26, 2007

    Iruyu Memories

    A few last photos of the crew and surroundings in Iruyu. Fantastic crew in a fantastic setting. Ernesto the local art director said, "In Buenos Aires this would be an incredibly hard shoot. Here it is INSANE!". Perhaps it was but we'll remember it forever.

    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Birthday in Uruguay

    Two days ago, I hopped on the BuqueBus catamaran ferry from Buenos Aires to the Uruguayan port city of Colonia de Sacramento. The day was grey and started out drizzly. When I disembarked, I thought the place was going to be a bust. No people and the one street the locals guided me to was unimpressive. I saw a lighthouse across the small historic part of town and went to explore. That's when the real Colonia came out. Around the lighthouse are many cobblestoned streets with alot of shops, bars and restaurants. Gorgeous colors and mallorca type pottery plaques everywhere denoting some past battle or notable personage. Many old cars of familiar and strange makes.
    The ruins around the lighthouse were fascinating and I believe they are from an ancient Portuguese fort.
    A lot of mosquitos as well. In fact, on the way back to the ferry in the late afternoon, I saw a sign I translated as ways to prevent Dengue Fever. Oh well...........

    Birthday Lunch @ El Rincon

    I was walking the small town of Colonia and happened upon this BBQ place. The wood burning BBQ smelled great. A nice fire. I oredered a few things and to work the BBQ, the cook took some of the coals that had fallen from the left side where the wood was burning and moved them under the grill. Lots of flowers everywhere, flags flying from all countries and a view of the water. Perfect.