Thursday, February 28, 2008

Groucho Dog

I was playing around with seven today and noticed his resemblance to another cigar chomping celeb.

Hotel Nadeau

A friend was out on the road on a job and saw this unusually named hotel. I'm sure it's 5 stars all the way.
Of course in the 18th century, you could have marvelled at Los Angeles' first four story structure...... the ultra elegant downtown Hotel Nadeau. More on french canuck freight pioneer Remi Nadeau here.

007 Style

Mens Vogue is running an article on style influencing flicks. Much loved but little known Bond, George Lazenby makes the cut in his casual blazer/ turtleneck combos from 1969's "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mercedes 300cd 1978

Got the new wheels back to LA yesterday. We had a major scare on the way out of San Diego. Car started to smoke and I pulled over...opened the hood.... and....Flames!
Yikes! Wilton had some water in his car and put out the mini fire. Seems some of the old "heat" insulation from the underside of the hood fell off and combusted on the manifold.
I peeled the rest of the stuff off and made it home with no more problems.
The engine is strong with alot of new parts (including transmission), the inside will be a gut job to be done while I'm back east this spring.

Close Up Dog

Seven and I were both sick at the begining of the week. He graciously allowed me to snap a few pics of our convalesence.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Was It A Horrible Year?

"People are most likely to become depressed in middle age, according to a worldwide study of happiness. The team of economists leading the work found that we are happiest towards the beginning and end of our lives, leaving us most miserable in middle years between 40 and 50.

The results, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, showed that people's levels of happiness followed a U-shaped curve, a pattern that was remarkably consistent in the vast majority of countries the researchers looked at, from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe.

For both men and women in the UK, the probability of depression peaked at around the age of 44. In the US, men were most likely to be unhappiest at 50, while for women the age was 40. "

Read the article here.

World's Dump

A "plastic soup" of waste floating in the Pacific Ocean is growing at an alarming rate and now covers an area twice the size of the continental United States, scientists have said.

The vast expanse of debris – in effect the world's largest rubbish dump – is held in place by swirling underwater currents. This drifting "soup" stretches from about 500 nautical miles off the Californian coast, across the northern Pacific, past Hawaii and almost as far as Japan.

Read More here.