Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Birthday Dog

Seven is 7 years old today. He is also over the twenty week mark without a seizure. Something to celebrate indeed. He's lost a few pounds and is as frisky as ever.
Dr. VanCise has him down to 1 grain of the phenobarbital and we're hoping that soon the dog will be down to 1/2 grain.

Art Show 2008

It's been eight long weeks since I've been in LA. Driving around this past weekend was revelation as to how many ArtShow2008 posters we could see... I love 'em and hope to be back for the opening of the show in mid June. Subversive and fun.
  • More photos on Flickr here and here.
  • Monday, May 19, 2008


    75,000 on a sunday afternoon. Impressive numbers for a primary.......
  • Brad Blog has pics and video
  • Time Magazine has more photos
  • The Washington Post has the story
  • Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Kirk Johnson's List Project

    Former aid worker Kirk Johnson has started the The List Project to get Iraqis who have helped the US government resettled in America. This evening on 60 Minutes, his story was told.
    "The List Project is a U.S. non-profit, founded in 2007 with the belief that the United States Government has a clear and urgent moral obligation to resettle to safety Iraqis who are imperiled due to their affiliation with the United States of America. We are the first comprehensive organizational effort to honor the sacrifice of these Iraqis."

    From the 60 minutes Transcript:
    "If we can't get to the point where we can't even save the people who are themselves fleeing terrorists, if we can't somehow regain our senses and say 'You've been riding in Humvees with our Marines, you've been translating for our diplomats. We understand that you're not the terrorists,' if we don’t have the capacity to do this, I don't even know how finish that sentence. I know that we do. We just lack political will," Johnson argues.
  • Kirk also wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times.
  • Kirk on ABC News
  • The List Project Blog
  • Lining Up

    Here we are lining up a shot for some coverage in the Bohemian "Continuum Bed" of our guest stars Maggie G and Josh H. That's our excellent prop man in the foreground with the dolly grip next to El.

    3AM Green Screen

    Last thursday night we finished up shooting in our Bridgeport house with guest star Maggie G. The grips set up a 12'X12' in the street outside the home to do a little effects work at the end of the night. With the balloon light overhead, it made for a surreal image when walking out the front door.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Homesick Dog

    I got a few pics of Seven in the mail yesterday. Can hardly wait to get back west for Memorial day. He's 20 weeks out without a seizure and Dr. VanCise has begun to decrease his phenobarbital intake.

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008


    We were shooting in Bridgeport yesterday. A gorgeous home nowhere close to the slum I went to school near. Everything was soft and glowy inside and out. More great weather on tap for today.

    Sunday, May 04, 2008

    The 39 Steps

    We went to the theater last to see the West End import "The 39 Steps". Based on Alfred Hitchcock's popular 1935 film, the stage production uses 4 actors to portray around 3 dozen different characters. Very funny. The best of the Hitchcock in jokes was a shadow puppet recreation of the crop duster scene from "North By Northwest".

  • Female lead Jennifer Ferrin's website has many behind the scenes photos and antics, including a photo study by the New York Times.

  • Watch the original movie here
  • Thursday, May 01, 2008

    Car Rigs

    The other day we were doing car shots north of Darien,Ct. We're working with some very good grips who piped out the car really well so that the cameras and lights can go anywhere. It still amazes me sometimes how much junk needs to go on to make the scene look "natural". The camera phone caught a few shots of the actors inside their light chamber.