Thursday, June 30, 2011

Military Museum

Portsmouth also has a small but beautifully maintained military museum. The owner Mike is a veteran and collector who has put together a personal, regional as well as international in scope exhibit. I was blown away by the WW1 trench art..... how artists used the discarded shells from the front lines.

Feed Store

Yesterday we got to shoot in the town's feed store. Tin ceiling and loaded with by gone trophies. I particularly liked the bulletin board advertising peacock eggs and a 1914 Studebaker......

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sorghum Hoedown

We wound up yesterday afternoon at the Simon farm outside of Portsmouth. Five generations of Simons have lived here since the homestead was founded in 1864. Kitty Wells fan John Simon is a Sorghum maker and grows the sugar cane like crop on his land. Each year there's a festival around making the syrup. We got a little bluegrass band and some dancers to perform in the 150 year old barn.

Lion's Tale

Before I left for Appalachia, I snapped the progress of the lion's tale. It's over six feet tall with hundreds of blooms. Will need a drastic pruning when the flowers fade.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We ended the day at Dari Creme having malted milk shakes and foot long hot dogs.... secret sauce.....don't ask.....


The dilapidated glory of Portsmouth, Ohio

Weekend Dog


We have been shooting in a hospital in rural Ohio/Kentucky. The sterile suits we have to put on have been the cause for a lot of jokes and fashionista styling..... and being middle America, the need to mention no guns allowed.....