Thursday, October 02, 2014


                    Abutilon palmeri or Palmer's Indian Mallow
                  Gambelia speciosa or Island Snapdragon
                  mirabilis laevis villosa or Bigelow's Desert 4 O'Clock

A few additions to the garden today. The heat has been winnowing out the laggards. Now we are going to be planting only the hearty desert plants.

Early Morning Hollywood

We had a sunrise call yesterday in Hollywood. We were on time but production and the equipment were not. Here, the DP tries to call the producer to see what's up. Unfortunately, it would be this disorganized the rest of the day. Thankfully, we were done in 5 hours.


I made a really good Americanized cassoulet the other day. Perfect top, for me at least.....


Special guest star DP Andre L. looking at home in 1st AC's Monty's outrageous Crown Vic.

More Cars

Back on stage last week dealing with more cars.