Thursday, May 05, 2011

Capital M for Melodrama

I went to go see "War Horse" yesterday at Lincoln Center. Everyone in London was raving about it 2 years ago when I was there last. I was unable to get tickets then so was glad to know it's made it's US debut this spring in NYC. The life sized animal puppets are naturally captivating from the beginning and I quickly found myself not looking at or minding the puppeteers. The Story is WWl and a boy and his horse as they go off to war from Devonshire. The second act gets a little creaky but the emotional twists and turns keep the pace of the play galloping forward. Lots of tears and lots of laughs as the audience heart strings are masterfully played. War Horse moves from NYC to Toronto and then Los Angeles next year. Spielberg's live action version will hit movie theaters in December
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