Friday, April 03, 2015

Sitka Came, Frankie Left

 Four weeks ago we got a Red Ticked Coon Hound named Sitka from a local shelter. Since her name was very close to command WL was going to be teaching her, we changed it to Frankie. She is a beautiful 2 1/2 dog but with no training. She grew up with 38 other coon hounds in the South.   She only wanted the company of other dogs.  Her daily trips to the dog park were her favorite times.  A trainer told us it would be upwards of $1500 to socialize her and after a few biting incidents, we decided to take her back.  WL told me she seemed happy to be back in the shelter. She knew the people there and the other dogs. The staff was impressed WL was able to teach her some tricks. We thought we had failed her but she's going to need more training than we can give. Hopefully she will find her pack.

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