Saturday, March 26, 2016

Flip Fail pt.3

The poor house next door has endured so  many indignities. Originally built in 1910, not a iota of original detail exists inside or out. For the past 3 days, workers have been installing split duct AC/Heat pumps in the back. Everywhere else in the world, there would be brackets and the unit would be attached to the wall. Here, they have put the bottom unit outside the kitchen window. What an amazing eyesore to sit down to everyday.  I looked online and this model is over twice as noisy as ours...... so imagine having breakfast with that thing chugging away outside your window. Truly ugly.  As one potential buyer told me as he walked away, "We'd have to replace all the "improvements" that have been done."
Gaffer63: Flip Fail pt.2

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