Friday, December 02, 2016

Cycle Continues

The cycle of the past 35 years is about to continue.  Republican presidents run the country into the ground with Voodoo Economics, Supply Side madness, 2 separate trillion dollar unfunded wars, unfunded $740 billion Medicare mandate, Squandered Budget Surplus, Greatest recession since the Great Depression....... And then it takes the Democrats to dig us out of the hole while the other side screams about deficits and religious liberty. With zero help from the Republicans, Obama has been able to drag the country back to near full employment.
What's coming in January? Massive unfunded tax breaks, $1 trillion unfunded infrastructure plan, massive Pentagon spending.  Estimates are the debt will grow $5.4- $11.5 trillion in the Trump pesidency.
If only Americans could think critically and have memories longer than 5 minutes, we could actually do something with this country.
Donald Trump Budget Deficit
Donald Trump Would Boost Debt
Trumps Republican Party Is Now Just Fine With Deficits

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